THE INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC & EXPERT MEETING OF GAS PROFESSIONALS is one of the most influential annual gas conferences and exhibitions in Central and Southeast Europe.

This event represents a unique opportunity for all gas companies, and any other company whose activity is related to the gas industry, to showcase their activities, products and technical solutions in front of hundreds of professionals, mainly managers of leading Croatian, European and international energy companies and thus create new business opportunities in a dynamic market with high growth potential.

Partnership and sponsorship of this established gas event can help business needs of sponsoring company if it is already established in the region and wants to further strengthen its position, or if the company is entering the gas market and wants to demonstrate expertise and solutions needed to overcome the challenges of the gas industry, as well as in cases when a company wants to convey a special message to the target market.

Participating in this gathering offers a unique opportunity in becoming familiar with best practices and solutions, and the application of which can provide better adaptability and consequently a competitive advantage in a dynamic market. Interactive networking, targeted topics and reputable speakers represent a combination of science, education, profession and business entities that actively participate in the gas industry. This event provides participants with everything they need to design a future successful business strategy.

We invite you to take advantage of the many opportunities to present your company as well as the technical solutions provided by sponsorship, technical and commercial presentations, exhibition of advanced gas technologies, and much more.


  • Partnership, Sponsorship and Co-sponsorship of Conference and Exhibition
  • Media Partnership
  • Gas Equipment Exhibition
  • Round Tables (Technical-Commercial Presentations)
  • Advertising in the printed version of the Proceedings (Abstracts)
  • Promotional Posters Exhibition
  • Video Wall Commercials