The Croatian Gas Centre Ltd and the Croatian Gas Association (CGA), a member of the International Gas Union (IGU), proudly announce the JUBILEE 35TH INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC AND EXPERT MEETING OF GAS PROFESSIONALS which will be held virtually from 21st to 23rd of October, 2020.

The first edition of the International Scientific and Expert Meeting of Gas Professionals was held way back in 1985 in Novi Vinodolski, with all other meetings held in Opatija. The meeting is traditionally held over a period of three days, and takes place every year at the same time, in the same place in Opatija. Despite great difficulties in bringing in reputable speakers from abroad, the meeting was also held regularly even during the period of the Homeland War and during times of economic crises.

The scientific and expert conference and exhibition on topics relating to natural gas and the energy industry is based on scientific discoveries, expert knowledge and experience, i.e., on the exchange of information during numerous lectures, roundtable discussions, panel discussions and becoming familiar with gas equipment from renowned manufacturers from various regions of Europe and the world.

CGA’s membership in the International Gas Union (IGU) and participation by the Association’s numerous representatives as well as domestic gas professionals in the IGU Working Bodies and at the World Gas Conference organised by the IGU has led to establishing numerous contacts and professional networking with renowned experts from abroad. The professional messages at the World Gas Conferences, which are disseminated from the Working Bodies, serve as the basis for ongoing work in the meeting of gas professionals in Opatija. Thanks to support from the business community and the IGU, the meeting has ensured positive, scientific and professional presentations from foreign and local scientists, managers and professionals, all accompanied by simultaneous translations, which has enabled the continual acquirement of knowledge on the latest scientific, technological and engineering achievements as well as trends in the gas industry in Europe and the world. The proceedings from the Opatija congresses and conclusions from the meetings have been the basis for further professional discourse as well as future planning and development of the gas and energy industry in the Republic of Croatia and greater region.

Besides professionals from gas and energy companies, various design and educational institutions, agencies and associations, the meeting is regularly attended by journalists from various media covering the economy, ecology and energy industry. Over 34 years of the meetings, they have disseminated numerous professional messages, especially those tailored for the general public. A professional popularisation of gas and the gas profession has been achieved, numerous studies have been done, professional and public conditions for developing new energy strategies have been devised, including construction of the gas infrastructure in the Republic of Croatia, support has been given to gas projects in Croatia and the region, the connection rate of consumers to the gas network has increased, and gas is recognised as the cleanest fossil fuel.

The current processes of energy decarbonisation and defossilisation are greatly influencing the position of natural gas a source of energy. Besides developing innovative and sustainable solutions in the gas industry, the direction of policy, perceptions of stakeholders and public trust are just some of the key factors which will influence the reputation of the natural gas industry. Therefore, the key role of gas in a sustainable energy future must be clearly articulated. Effective responses from the profession against new threats and opportunities which are identical for Croatia and the region are essential, and impose a specific understanding of Croatia and the European political scene and the public, as well as the challenges which threaten credibility of natural gas as an option for fulfilling decarbonisation of the EU after 2030, and goals for zero emissions. Over a period of more three decades, the Opatija meetings have greatly contributed to educating and informing the professional and wider public of the benefits and opportunities presented by natural gas, and this will continue in the future.

This meeting has established itself as the largest international gas conference and exhibition in the region of Southeast Europe and has clearly positioned itself as the voice of the gas industry which supports the goal of increasing the share of natural gas on the Croatian market and wider region. In May 2020, the jubilee Meeting, in line with tradition, anticipates participation by a respectable number of professionals and renowned speakers as well as exhibitors from more than 20 countries in Europe and the world. The Congress will cover a series of current topics important for the gas and energy industry and which extends along the entire natural gas chain, as well as crucial issues which will determine development of the natural gas market in the near future. In addition to speaker presentations of scientific and expert papers on topics from the conference and technical-commercial presentations by particular companies, a poster section will be held to present works by numerous experts from various fields of the energy profession.

The meeting has been included in the Professional Ongoing Training Programme before the Croatian Gas Association (CGSA) and ensures conference participants around 20 educational hours of professional lectures on topics relating to gas, the energy industry, fundamentals of technical regulations, as well as thermo-engineering systems and facilities.

The conference will be followed by the Gas Equipment and Technology Exhibition which will bring together about 45 local and foreign exhibitors, mainly manufacturers and dealers of gas equipment, as well as many other renowned companies which will present its advanced technical solutions for the gas and energy industry.

All companies – gas market participants are invited to take advantage of this unique opportunity to present its products, services and projects by exhibiting gas equipment and other advanced gas technologies solutions, promotional posters, leaflets and brochures on indoor and outdoor exhibition units.

Networking, targeted topics and reputable speakers represent a combination of science, education, profession and business entities that actively participate in the gas industry.

For all the inquiries regarding the event please contact Croatian Gas Center at or +385 1 6189 590.