Call for papers

Croatian Gas Center Ltd. and Croatian Gas Association, member of the International Gas Union (IGU), are inviting you to present scientific and professional paper or technical-commercial paper and thereby contribute to the success of the 38th INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC & EXPERT MEETING OF GAS PROFESSIONALS, which will be held traditionally from 10th to 12th of May, 2023 in the Congress Centre of the Grand Hotel Adriatic, in Opatija, Croatia.

The leading international conference and exhibition in Southeast Europe
dedicated to natural gas, LNG and low-carbon solutions


    “The Crucial Role of Natural Gas and LNG in Meeting the Interlinked Challenges of Achieving Energy Security, Transition and Affordability”
  • Volatile gas market conditions, rising gas and LNG prices and the future impact of EU plans to reduce Russian gas imports on company portfolios and exposures
  • Challenges for the European gas and LNG trading, trends in gas pricing and contracting
  • Key elements of a winning gas procurement strategy and the approach by companies to deal with high prices in the current energy crisis
  • Gas market transformation towards viable energy transition and energy security – the link between general procurement strategies and sustainability strategies?
  • The outlook for natural gas exploration and international cooperation in SE Europe and the Mediterranean Basin (Israel, Cyprus, Egypt and Greece)


  1. “Natural Gas as Part of a Future Low-Carbon World: Renewable Gases and Low Carbon Gases as Key Complements to Renewables”
  • The current status of producing and using renewable gases and low-carbon gases (biogas, biomethane, blue and green hydrogen and synthetic methane) and their role in the energy transition
  • The role of natural gas solutions in commercial, industrial and power generation to facilitate zero carbon transition
  • Views of equipment manufacturers on the role of gas technologies in a low-carbon society


    “Extensive Gas Infrastructure, Adequate Policy Framework, Innovation and Financing Sources are Keys to Establishing a Fully Decarbonised and Reliable Energy System”
  • New strategic gas infrastructure projects in Europe and new supply routes: (pipelines, interconnectors, LNG terminals, compressor stations, new gas storage facilities, integrated energy storage systems)
  • Integrating renewable and low-carbon gases to achieve sector coupling for balancing the whole energy system
  • Integration of hydrogen – strategies and challenges in production, transportation and utilization
  • Integration of biomethane – strategies and challenges in production, transportation and utilization
  • Storage market situation, technology advances and the role that storage will play in the decarbonization of energy systems and ensuring the security of supply
  • How will the gas and LNG industry secure investments for future infrastructure projects?


  1. Future Workforce: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion as Key Solutions for Gas and Energy Companies in Meeting the Challenges of a New Era of Market Dynamics and Transition
  • Diversification in energy-related education can help solve future energy and environmental challenges
  • Creating teams diverse in thought, culture and background which leads to more effective work and greater company success, from revenue and earnings to employee satisfaction
  • Identifying high-potential women and increasing the representation of women across all levels of organizations is important for attracting and retaining talent
  • Diverse teams consisting of developed and upskilled current employees and millennial talent can embrace innovative thinking and find new solutions
  • Agility, innovation and collaboration are crucial for the gas and energy industry in the pursuit of a more sustainable energy future


  1. Challenges and Opportunities in the Decarbonization of the Gas and LNG Value Chain:
  • Carbon footprint management, guarantees of origin and carbon certificates
  • Energy efficiency and sustainability
  • Methane emissions reduction and management
  • Sustainable energy developments
  • Advances in the application of carbon capture utilization and storage (CCUS) technology
  • Applying the circular economy concept to improve environmental performance for a sustainable future


  1. Implementing Smart and Innovative Technologies and Digital Transformation in the Gas Sector in a Decarbonization Era
  • Digitalization and business process automation
  • Business analytics, integration and visualization technologies
  • Data acquisition, control and monitoring Systems
  • Cloud computing, augmented and virtual reality, drones
  • Cyber-physical systems, Internet of Things (IoT), networks
  • Smart gas meters, smart grids and smart cities
  • Cyber security in the gas exploration and production sector
  • Artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and hybrid intelligent systems
  • Blockchain technologies


    “Development Potentials of LNG Terminals and Their Role in the Future European Gas Infrastructure”
  • LNG production, liquefaction, transportation, storage and regasification technologies
  • Doubling the existing capacity of the floating LNG terminal on the island of Krk
  • Small-scale and micro-scale LNG: applications, infrastructure, technology and market developments in Europe
  • The future role of LNG terminals: decarbonization and integration of renewable and low-carbon molecules in the energy system
  • The potential of BioLNG and synthetic LNG for fast and cost-effective decarbonization of heavy road and maritime transport by using the existing LNG infrastructure
  • Power generation – LNG to power, CoGen technologies and CHP


  1. Contribution of Natural Gas and Renewable Gases to Achieving a Sustainable Transport System (Light Duty Vehicles, Buses, Trucks and Ships)
  • Use of LNG in transportation to achieve sustainability in shipping toward 2050 decarbonization targets
  • Projects involving CNG, LNG and LPG powered transport
  • Development of gas filling infrastructure (CNG, L-CNG, LNG)
  • Development of the use of biomethane in the transport sector
  • Development of the use of hydrogen in the transport sector


  1. Issues Related to Transport, Distribution, Storage and Consumption of Gas in Terms of Ensuring An Efficient, Safe and Low-Carbon Gas System
  • Efficiency and security of the constructed gas distribution system
  • Maintenance of gas pipelines and gas pipeline integrity management
  • Optimization of gas transport and distribution systems
  • Innovations in gas transmission networks to minimize prices of gas, optimize the safety of supply and boost the flexibility of energy markets
  • Practices and methods for ecologically responsible construction of gas pipelines and reduction of methane emissions
  • Innovative technologies in storing gas and their application
  • Gas measurement innovations for volumes, energy content and constituents
  • Gas quality management (tracking and modeling)
  • Blending hydrogen into the existing gas grid as a quick win for abating emissions
  • Gas quality and the switch from natural gas to hydrogen


  1. Legislation, Technical Regulations, Rules of the Profession and Consumer Rights in the Gas Sector
  • Impact of the RePowerEu Plan on the gas industry
  • Impact of the EU gas decarbonization and hydrogen legislative package under Fitfor55 on the gas industry
  • Key legal, regulatory and policy developments necessary for swiftly scaling up the hydrogen industry
  • The latest developments in the technical regulations and rules of the gas profession
  • Legal issues related to privacy, consumer protection and cyber security in the use of innovative, smart and digital technologies in the gas sector


  1. Poster Session: “Issues Related to the Gas and Energy Industry”

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Notification to authors about acceptance of the paper:            10th of February 2023
Final paper submission:                                                                    3rd of March 2023
Paper presentation submission:                                                     20th of March 2023